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Distributor “Grande DUO” for Barista; for perfect extraction with screen carrier machines; different colours; heavy duty design by scarlet espresso

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scarlet espresso | Distributor “Grande DUO” Good coffee beans alone do not make a good espresso. If you hold your
Sandalwood - Brown
Sandalwood - Dark Brown

Tamper “Perfetto”, espresso punch calibrated to 35 lbs contact pressure, ergonomic handle, accessories for filter holder by scarlet espresso

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scarlet espresso | Tamper “Perfetto” Get the best out of your bean again and again with our noble tamper. This

Distributor “Grande TRE”, uniform distribution of coffee powder in the sieve support before roping, Barista tool, adjustment from 5 – 13 mm by scarlet espresso

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scarlet espresso | Distributor “Grande TRE” Good coffee beans alone do not make a good espresso. If you hold your

Precision funnel “Barista Cono LM1 41 mm” made of stainless steel for sieve support; especially for La Marzocco 1-sieve by scarlet espresso

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scarlet espresso | Precision funnel “Barista Cono LM1 41 mm Our scarlet espresso “Barista Cono LM1 41 mm” Filling funnels
9902439900a scaled
Stainless Steel

Portafilter Dosing Cup “Competizione” for fast transfer of ground coffee between the grinder and the sieve support; made of 18/10 stainless steel; Barista by scarlet espresso

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scarlet espresso | Dosing Cup “Competizione” in food-grade stainless steel. Our handy stainless steel Dosing Cup with removable, non-slip silicone

Dice set “Casino 50” with 50 eye dice, dice made of environmentally friendly acrylic, standard size for 6-sided dice, incl. cloth bag by scarlet play

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scarlet play | cube set “Casino 50” With this high quality dice set you are well prepared for every game
Ebony - Black
Sandalwood - Brown
Sandalwood - Dark Brown
Sandalwood - Green
Sandalwood - Red
Set ( Sandalwood - Dark Brown + Tamperablage)
Set (Ebony - Black + Tamper Mat)
Set (Rosewood + Tamper Mat)
Set (Sandalwood - Brown + Tamper Mat)
Set (Sandalwood - Red + Tamper Mat

Tamper “Classic”, stylish espresso stamp with ergonomic handle made of precious wood, for perfect espresso, Barista tool by scarlet espresso

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scarlet espresso | Tamper “Classic” Correct tampering is a basic requirement when preparing espresso. During the covering process, oils, fats,
Ebony - Black
Sandalwood - Red

Tamper “Passion” for Barista; with ergonomic PVC or precious wood handle of choice and precision stainless steel base by scarlet espresso

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scarlet espresso | Tamper “Passion” With our scarlet espresso tamper “Passion” the ropeing is fast and clean. Lovers of simple,
9902244500 scaled
Sandalwood - Brown
Sandalwood - Dark Brown
Set Sandalwood - Brown
Set Sandalwood - Dark Brown

Noble wood handle “Precioso” for screen holder with M12 stainless steel screw for Rocket Bezzera La Marzocco etc. by scarlet espresso

14,99 49,99  Article: 990223HG
scarlet espresso | fine wood handle “Precioso With our new scarlet espresso fine wood handles for screen carriers you can
Black Knock-off container + 51 mm Tamper
Black Knock-off container + 53 mm Tamper
Black Knock-off container + 58 mm Tamper
White Knock-off container + 51 mm Tamper
White Knock-off container + 53 mm Tamper
White Knock-off container + 58 mm Tamper

Knock-off container “Pico Bello” for coffee grounds from the sieve support; knock-off container in high quality Barista by scarlet espresso

19,90 39,90  Article: 990218
scarlet espresso | Tapping container “Pico Bello Our scarlet espresso tapping container “Pico Bello” with a body made of unbreakable
Station Black + 41 mm Tamper
Station Black + 49 mm Tamper
Station Black + 51 mm Tamper
Station Black + 53 mm Tamper
Station Black + 58 mm Tamper

Tamper station “Professionale” made of stainless steel with tamper mat made of food safe silicone for depositing the tamper after tamping by scarlet espresso

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scarlet espresso | Tamper Station “Professionale The compacting of the espresso powder is elementary important for a perfect espresso. For