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Acupressure Band “Pregnant”, 1 pair of acupressure wristbands against nausea & seasickness, for pregnant women; anti-nausea wrist band, 2 elastic bands by scarlet health

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scarlet health | Acupressure Band “Pregnant” The Anti-Sickness acupressure bands are new drug-free acupressure products that can help against nausea
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Mat Fachiro Blue
Mat Fachiro Green
Mat Fachiro Purple
Mat Fachiro Schwarz
Neck Roll Rondo Black
Neck Roll Rondo Blue
Neck Roll Rondo Green
Neck Roll Rondo Purple
Pillow Ergo Black
Pillow Ergo Blue
Pillow Ergo Green
Pillow Ergo Lila
Set 1 (Fachiro + Rondo) Black
Set 1 (Fachiro + Rondo) Blue
Set 1 (Fachiro + Rondo) Green
Set 1 (Fachiro + Rondo) Purple
Set 2 (Fachiro + Ergo) Black
Set 2 (Fachiro + Ergo) Blue
Set 2 (Fachiro + Ergo) Green
Set 2 (Fachiro + Ergo) Purple

Acupressure pads: acupressure mat “Fachiro”, acupressure pillow “Ergo”, acupressure neck roll “Rondo”; for neck, back and shoulder area by scarlet health

14,90 29,90  Article: 990145
scarlet health | Acupressure pads: Acupressure mat “Fachiro”, Acupressure cushion “Ergo”, Acupressure neck roll “Rondo Enjoy with our scarlet health