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Distributor “Grande TRE”, uniform distribution of coffee powder in the sieve support before roping, Barista tool, adjustment from 5 – 13 mm by scarlet espresso

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scarlet espresso | Distributor “Grande TRE” Good coffee beans alone do not make a good espresso. If you hold your

Tamper “Grande Flat” for Barista; with 3D-grooves for perfect extraction with screen carrier machines; different sizes; heavy duty design by scarlet espresso

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scarlet espresso | Tamper “Grande Flat” A good coffee bean alone does not make a good espresso. There are many
Ebony - Black
Sandalwood - Red

Tamper “Passion” for Barista; with ergonomic PVC or precious wood handle of choice and precision stainless steel base by scarlet espresso

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scarlet espresso | Tamper “Passion” With our scarlet espresso tamper “Passion” the ropeing is fast and clean. Lovers of simple,
Sandalwood - Brown
Sandalwood - Dark Brown

Tamper “Perfetto”, espresso punch calibrated to 35 lbs contact pressure, ergonomic handle, accessories for filter holder by scarlet espresso

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scarlet espresso | Tamper “Perfetto” Get the best out of your bean again and again with our noble tamper. This