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Brew drawer “Professionale” for coffee grounds Knock Box B-Ware by scarlet espresso

59,90  Article: 9901031000-B
scarlet espresso | soup drawer “Professionale” for coffee grounds, B-goods, tapping container for sieve holder, rubberized tapping rod, made of
Stainless Steel

Milk jug “Graduata” Measuring jug Pitcher Pitcher Gastro milk frother Stainless steel milk frother scale with handle for kitchen Baking coffee by scarlet espresso

17,99 29,99  Article: 990267
scarlet espresso Milk jug “Graduata” Professional measuring cup / milk jug made of stainless steel with internal embossed measuring scale
Stainless Steel

Milk jug “L’Art Profi” for latte art or cappuccino; made of 18/10 stainless steel; high-quality Barista pitcher by scarlet espresso

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scarlet espresso | milk jug “L’Art Profi” Milk jug with thick walls for longer foaming and therefore perfect, fine-pored and

Portafilter Dosing Cup “Competizione” for fast transfer of ground coffee between the grinder and the sieve support; made of 18/10 stainless steel; Barista by scarlet espresso

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scarlet espresso | Dosing Cup “Competizione” in food-grade stainless steel. Our handy stainless steel Dosing Cup with removable, non-slip silicone
Stainless Steel

Soup drawer “Professionale” for coffee grounds, tapping container for sieve holder, rubberized tapping rod, made of stainless steel/powder-coated steel, 250 x 350 x 80 mm by scarlet espresso

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scarlet espresso | Soup drawer “Professionale” The scarlet espresso brew drawer is perfect under espresso machines or coffee grinders, allowing